Pies? Really?


Yes. Seriously! While touring New Zealand, Trent fell in love with New Zealand-style meat pies you find there. Go anywhere on the island, and you’ll practically trip over a kiwi eating a pie.

New Zealanders (and Aussies too) love these pies, and it’s easy to tell why: they are hot and savoury, ready-to-eat in minutes, and the mix of filling and flaky crust is unbeatable. Only 5 or so inches in diameter, the pies are great single-serve meals, but they can also be cooked together and be shared as a family meal.

We decided that Saskatoon deserved this amazing food, and so here we are—specializing in artisanal, handcrafted savoury New Zealand inspired pies. we hope you give them a try!

Providing freezable, Ready-to-go food for the mouths and tummies of saskatoon.

We’ll be honest. There’s nothing like eating a N.Z. style pie served with mashed potatoes, mushy peas, and gravy. However, having a few meat pies stored in the freezer for a quick, super tasty meal at home or work is a pretty good deal. With the range of flavours we have, there’s something each person in your family will enjoy.

For you: a meal solution in your freezer. For Trent: a pleasurable profitable business that can supply good, honest food for your home. For us: eco-friendly packaging, community driven entrepreneurship, local whole animal purchasing, and a snooter to tooter ethical process. Go team!

Sounds good? Go ahead and make an order!


How we make the pies.

Think about a classic British meat pies - it’s a stew (typically beef stew) in a pie crust. Our pies are like that, except they are personal sized, and we have a number of different flavours beyond the regular beef and veg.

To make the pies, we cook up our fillings as stews, and prepare the pastry. We have special pie forms (called the ‘New Zealand oval’) brought over from New Zealand, and we put the stew and a mix of cheese inside the crust. The pies are par-baked at our kitchen, then we freeze them for pickup. Then it’s your turn - just reheat and serve!

The kicker (what we believe makes our pies stand out from the crowd) are the fillings. Each Scratch pie is made by hand, right here in Saskatoon and all of our pie fillings are sourced (as much as possible) from ingredients in and around the city. We use really (really) good ingredients because we want to stand behind every part of our pie. ‘Honest food’ to us, means we make sure we can tell (and show) you where your food comes from.

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