Ya got questions?

Perfect! We have some answers. Read on friends.

Pie Subscription?

Sign up with us and you (yes you) can have a steady monthly supply of pie. Pro Moms/Dads and on-the-go business people all tell us their life is better when they have a freezer filled with pies.

Plus, subscribe for 24 pies or more and get a 10% discount!

How Do I subscribe?

  1. Use the order form to make your pie selection

  2. Check the ‘Make this Monthly Subscription’ option

  3. We’ll connect with you for payment details

  4. Show up on Pie Day to pickup your pies, or get them delivered!

  5. Change your flavour selection by emailing us at least a week in advance of your pick up day.

When is Pie Day?

Weekly pick-ups & drop-ins - Every Friday
Monthly Subscriptions
- First Friday of the month

Do you deliver?

We will deliver! $5 per order or free on orders over $150. We deliver orders on Mondays, if you want your order delivered just make sure to include your address so we can get to you!

Where do you deliver?

Generally anywhere on the west-side core of the city. This includes the neighbourhoods Mayfair, Caswell Hill, Riversdale, City Park, and the greater downtown area.

Can I cancel my Pie Subscription?

Yes of course - we’re not monsters! However, we require a three-month commitment for subscriptions. (Cause you’re getting a deal, see?). After three months, if you aren’t digging regular pies, then just send us a message and we’ll take you off the list. :_(

I have the pies! How do I bake the pies?

First off, avoid using the microwave, the pastry doesn’t respond well to the unnatural sciency micro-heat-waves. We know some of you will anyway, so just chuck it in for 2min and know you’ve made a compromise.

For you pie-pros in the room:

Bake from frozen – 35min @ 325F
Bake from thaw – 20min @ 375F