Honest food. Made from scratch.


Scratch Provisions offers Saskatoon a handcrafted variety of classic and unique savoury pies. We’re here to make pies, because we think pies make life better!


Our Pies

Think about a classic British meat pies - it’s a stew (typically beef stew) in a pie crust. Our pies are like that, except they are personal sized, and we have a number of different flavours beyond the regular beef and veg.

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What we have available this week —

Peppercorn beef Stew

Mince Steak & Cheese

Spinach & Feta w/ Dill

Braised Rabbit w/ grainy mustard and fresh tarragon

Lamb Navarin (stew with turnips)

Green chili Pulled Pork w/ Queso Fresco

Butter ChickeN

Order and Subscribe —

All our standard pies are available for order with pickups available every Friday.
NOTE: If you order after Monday, your order won’t likely be available the same Friday.

Custom Orders & Catering

Want to make a custom order? Need hot pies catered for an event? We’re here to help!

Email trent@scratchprovisions.com to get started.


Find us

So many ways to get pie-high.
Even if you can’t get to us, we can get to you!



Saturdays at Saskatoon’s Farmers’ Market

Starting in March we’ll have frozen pies at Saskatoon’s Farmer’s Market.Come say hi and buy some pies!


Saturdays: 8 am to 2 pm


414 Avenue B South
Saskatoon, Saskatoon
S7M 1M8


Deliveries & Pie Subscriptions?

Sign up for a monthly pie subscription, and get yer pies each month without fail. Pick all one kind or mix n’ match to get a perfect pie mix.